Here we are....its February, the month of celebrating love, with the one you love, doing all things love like. How Fabulous!!

Although, we're not ones for following tradition and believe that love isn't just for February its for whenever you feel it. Who doesn't want to feel loved hay, and all year around?

That's why we have a range of beautiful 'Love' cards from our indie designers which we stock January through to December. You can let your special person know you care whenever the fancy takes you.

We have gifts for that too! Make your partner, bestie, companion smile with one of usual range of Books, Bags, Jewelries, Candles and more. 

Our cards and gifts may not say 'Happy Valentines' but they'll show you are thoughtful and appreciate your him/her, them/they, he/she who ever it Love them and think they're the best.


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