Yep, you've read it correctly we're on the move again.

We know this will be our 3rd move in as many years of trading. Nothing like keeping things fresh! 

We love being at the Goodsheds, the site is unique and the fact that we are surrounded by like minded independents makes us happy.

After 18 months in our current spot, we feel we have had time to assess if the location is really working for us as a brand and a shop. It's assumed we have the prime space on the ground floor amongst the food traders, but contrary to this belief it does come with its disadvantages. 

Remember the original shop, on the high street? the shop we created to be a meeting place, a community hub? We miss it, so as much as the shipping container is amazing it has only ever allowed us space for a counter, and as much as we have tried, were not a ‘stand behind the counter type of shop’ - our new carriage will give us space to bring back our old work bench, in turn allowing us to create a more relaxed shopping experience and somewhere for us to do our work!

When we originally signed for the Goodsheds its vision was for all retail units to be in the shipping container and ‘the tracks’ was going to be home to the makers' in the carriages. As a result of Covid, lots of changes were made to the site to keep us open during the pandemic. But it seems these changes have left visitors confused when navigating around the site, the experience was difficult and disjointed. 

After several makers' carriages became vacant at the beginning of the year, a new plan was made for the site. All retail are now to have one space on the railway tracks. The carriages which were for makers are now going to be home to all retail on site. So it seemed the obvious choice for us to move too and take on the unused ‘cinema carriage’ and join the other indies….creating the urban High Street.

 So why are we moving?....

To bring back the community feel

To Grow our Brand

To resolve consumer concerns about site navigation

To allow our space to become a cocktail bar (yep thats right - keeping food and drink in one space)

To be part of the new Urban High Street and be aligned with like minded Brands 

To be warm (the shipping container s FREEZING! And sometimes Dark!)

…..all of the above plus an extra 2.5 meters 


Official opening March 5th 2022.

Cant wait to see you!!


  • Ceril said:

    so glad you are staying in good sheds. I’m sure you’ll make the new space amazing, looking forward to seeing it xx

    April 17, 2022

  • Beryl Williams said:

    Good luck with your move

    April 17, 2022

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